The Essential Oils Market


The Essential Oils Market

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The main users of essential oils  are the industries of  fine perfumery , in  cosmetics  (soaps, shampoos, shower gel, creams …) and cleaning (they mask unpleasant odors detergents and detergents). They allow to add odors without leaving oily traces. In recent years,  essential oils  have emerged in the food. They are used as a flavor enhancer and  fragrances  in various products (coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, yogurt, including meals).

Sales of essential oils in France rose by 13.2% between 2011 and 2012 and accounted for about 123 million euros in turnover on the purchase of essential oils in 2012. The market for sale increased again since and today represents over € 180 million turnover and rose by 16% between 2015 and 2016. the manufacturing of essential oils includes 123 institutions and approximately 4,800 employees. Today it’s about 150 different oils that are sold on the market and shops, 300 against 50 years ago. The world of essential oils production is about 110,000 tons, the three most sold oils represent 90% of this volume: HE Orange (51,000 tons), HE Menthe arvensis (32,000 tons), EO Lemon (9200 tons).

The technical, standardization efforts and organization are the main features of the French sector of  essential oils . Small businesses (under 20 employees) are numerous and represent a third of the sector. France has an important know-how in the field enabling it to export its products worldwide. The activity is concentrated in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur that gathers 58% of sector employment.

Essential oils are used in three different areas: the food market (mainly citrus and mint), the cosmetics market and perfumes (L’Occitane en Provence), the aromatherapy market (2% of the market essential oils and rose in value). (Sale of essential oils)

The growing interest of the French towards the welfare and bio health is a positive for the sector. Manufacturers must constantly adapt to the needs of their customers. The disappearance of clary sage is due to the lower demand in perfumery and  aromas  while the essential oil of fennel has a bright future ahead of her. Competition is increasing in recent years and the trade balance is slightly negative …

Brazil is the biggest producer of essential oils, followed by India and China. Apart from France, Ireland, Switzerland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Morocco are the most active countries in the area. Market leading companies are Mane, Givaudan, Robertet, Charabot IFF 

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